RV Add-On Documentation


This is the documentation for Marv's Add-On for Re-Volt files.
It is intended to be used with Blender 2.79b or newer.
Note: Blender 2.8x series is not supported.

Download (rva_19.0816)

Resources (Animations, textures, etc.)

Known Issues

Please report Bugs and suggest features on GitHub.


Import, Export

  • World (.w)
  • Mesh (.prm)
  • Collision (.ncp)
  • Instances (.fin)
  • Mirror Planes (.rim)
  • Hulls (.hul)
  • Texture Animations (.ta.csv)
  • Car Parameters (parameters.txt; only partial import: body, wheels)
  • Track Zones (.taz)

Missing Formats (help appreciated!)

  • Objects (.fob)
  • AI Nodes (.fan)
  • Position Nodes (.pos)
  • Visiboxes (.vis)
  • Lights (.lit)
  • Force Fields (.fld)
  • Level Information (.inf)
  • Level properties (properties.txt)


  • Re-Volt tool panel
    • Bake light to vertex color
    • Simple vertex painting tool
    • Car shadow generator
    • Texture animation helper
    • Convex hull generator